It’s now a year since Barry had all but finished DigiByte Core 8.21 code (Dec ‘20). This includes ProgPoW and RandomX, along with other actual feature & performance improvements. The genuine progress, and how to get there, is what this post is about.

(This was originally written 5+ months ago…

At the start of the year it became clear that DigiByte needed to elevate it’s game and handle development better than had been in the past, with more accountability and transparency. This isn’t to say we believe the previous way was causing any problems, and DigiByte has done well for…

Thanks to Elon Musk for bringing the conversation to the forefront of peoples minds again. There have been many discussions about Bitcoin mining over the years, along with Proof of Work mining, and how Proof of Stake is supposedly “better for the environment”.

What we do find is that Bitcoin…

Josiah Spackman

I write interesting things about cryptocurrency, especially DigiByte

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