Talking with my wife, and she made a suggestion: Why not finish your time with DigiByte with more of a “celebration” of what you’ve done?

So, that’s what this is, a bit of a look at some of the main things I’ve been involved with, directly pushing forward or making happen.

It’s also a great opportunity to look back over the last 3 years and see just how far DigiByte has come! So that’s what this is, an ode to success, if you will! 🙂

Ever since early 2018, I was submitting listing requests for Binance. These are no small…

I’ve been asked a lot lately about what’s been happening with a CPU / GPU mining algorithm that we’ve all been waiting for what seems like years to implement. This will cover some of the history there, as well as the development of DigiByte version 8. I’ll also include a spiffy little timeline at the end, so we can clarify a few things and provide people with both some insight into the history as well as a comprehensive perspective of events.

The lead up to, and release of Odocrypt

DigiByte had evolved to be at a point where it was faced with 5x ASIC-mineable algorithms since all the…

I’m thrilled to be able to show you a new design for DigiByte that will help thrust the digibyte project into the future, with a fresh new look, standing out among blockchain projects.

DigiByte (or rather the suggestion is now “digibyte”) is going to be cemented as a sound project representing immense staying-power with version 8. As such, a number of community members are eager to ensure that we have a brand, logo, and accompanying guidelines so the world will see digibyte as the industry leader we know we can be.

I present to you, thanks to spiral, the digibyte…

At the start of the year it became clear that DigiByte needed to elevate it’s game and handle development better than had been in the past, with more accountability and transparency. This isn’t to say we believe the previous way was causing any problems, and DigiByte has done well for itself over the previous 7 years, but more importantly this was an opportunity to further improve the decentralization and trustless nature of the blockchain, adopting some industry best-practices, and spearhead DigiByte into the future.

However, this came at the expense of delaying RandomX, ProgPoW and a number of other things…

Thanks to Elon Musk for bringing the conversation to the forefront of peoples minds again. There have been many discussions about Bitcoin mining over the years, along with Proof of Work mining, and how Proof of Stake is supposedly “better for the environment”.

What we do find is that Bitcoin miners predominantly use renewable energy sources, not just by some small margin but by over 75%! Coupled with others suggesting Bitcoin / PoW mining is pushing forward innovation and growth in the renewable sector, and it seems the assumption that Elon has put forward may be slightly misrepresented.

In fact…

After a HUGE effort with the Unit Tests, Yoshi has taken a lot of the prior work from Marpme_ (Marvin from Vergecurrency) that he did for us and completed the Continuous Integration setup for DigiByte. Thank you also to those who’ve taken time to individually review all of them, as part of our new Gitflow workflow process as well.

The conclusion of the Continuous Integration means every time a new pull request is made against DigiByte, not only will it do a test compile to make sure it builds, but it will also run the Unit Tests as well to…

We get asked this a lot in the Support / Mining channel, what is the “best” pool?

What I’m going to do today is teach you why it’s not a clever question, and what you should be asking, to get the most out of your mining!

You see there is no one answer to this, what is the “best”, because what’s the best for one person likely won’t be for another.

DigiByte has 5x mining algorithms, these are currently:

  • SHA256
  • Scrypt
  • Odocrypt
  • Skein
  • Qubit

If you have a miner that mines SHA256, then there’s little point finding a mining pool…

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to finally be able to let everyone know about this great next phase in the history of DigiByte, which sets us up to not only live up to our billion-dollar market capitalization, but future-proofs the foundations of the project for growth well into the future!

This has taken a while to get here, but we’ve been quietly working away in the background, as we evaluated where we are and took a step back, it became important to review and confirm all that is so important to the DigiByte project.

I would even…

One of the things that MultiAlgo affords DigiByte over single-algo is a greater distribution of the block rewards, predominantly due to the broader away of hardware permitted for mining, and finding that valid nonce.

This is not just about a better / broader scope of distributing it to individuals, but also about decentralizing the mining and subsequently the block creation, minimizing the chance of any 51% attack. This applies to all PoW blockchains, not just DigiByte, though this is something DigiByte excels at.

Recently it’s come to my attention that HuobiPool have begun mining DigiByte on Odocrypt, an FPGA-focused algorithm…

Today I want to talk a bit about the upcoming RandomX / ProgPoW implementations and gauge a bit of interest from people.

So first a little bit of background here:

DigiByte originally started off as Scrypt-only mining. In 2014, this was able to be mined on a GPU, and although there were a few FPGA bitstreams, they were mostly kept to themselves. This means that for most people they would mine DigiByte on their home graphics card.

DigiByte then upgraded the network and became MultiAlgo. This is different from the likes of Ravencoins older X16R etc in that all 5x…

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I write interesting things about cryptocurrency, especially DigiByte

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