A new design to showcase the importance of DigiByte

Josiah Spackman
4 min readJul 21, 2021

I’m thrilled to be able to show you a new design for DigiByte that will help thrust the digibyte project into the future, with a fresh new look, standing out among blockchain projects.

DigiByte (or rather the suggestion is now “digibyte”) is going to be cemented as a sound project representing immense staying-power with version 8. As such, a number of community members are eager to ensure that we have a brand, logo, and accompanying guidelines so the world will see digibyte as the industry leader we know we can be.

I present to you, thanks to spiral, the digibyte rebrand:

The digibyte brand identity manual

This design will naturally be subject to the communities feedback and input as part of our contribution guidelines. As mentioned in my last Medium article, Barry has advised he is happy to work on an implementation of this for the digibyte Core wallet, and will include it for consideration by the community.

As part of this submission, spiral has written a complete guide document for the digibyte community! It includes everything from the logo itself, how to use it, spacing, why the design was done this way, the colors, recommendations and more.

Design suggestion for a digibyte cap

I am confident you will appreciate the vast amount of effort that has gone into this from spiral in making these concept images, guidelines and more. A big thank you to Damir too for the input, who you will no doubt remember submitted the digibyte mobile wallet designs. I guess we should eventually look at the wallet design again too 😅

A little bit of history: This design submission has actually been in the works since 2019 when the new design ideas began forming, and I was contacted with an earlier design iteration of this. With the talks about digibyte version 8, both spiral and Damir contacted me again with an updated and more comprehensive suggestion fo the digibyte community to adopt.

As it will probably be the biggest and most important release that digibyte has ever had, the suggestion was that it makes sense to have a fresh, clean, and vibrant design to accompany version 8. This suggestion does exactly that, simplifying “DigiByte” to “digibyte”, dropping the tagline, and focusing in on the name.

Just “digibyte”!

This is a sharp departure from the digibyte of old, and embraces a new harmonious future that will be able to stand out even with the sea of blockchain projects.

Along with the design we have been provided some mock-up images for how the likes of Twitter could look:

A mock-up of how the digibyte Twitter page could look

We have a number of icons too for DigiByte that can be used, which I am including here for a quick look. However, I would encourage you to read the full guideline document that has been created:

Button icons for digibyte

You can see the whole document for yourself by going to the GitHub repository that has been created: https://github.com/spiral-ing/digibyte

Direct download: https://github.com/spiral-ing/digibyte/raw/main/digibyte%20brand%20manual%20guidelines%202021.pdf

I am sure you will join me in thanking spiral for their time here in creating this for us. As per always, it will go through the contribution guidelines for people to accept / place feedback on when we have a pull request for the Core wallet that includes this design.

I also want to take this opportunity thank spiral for the time spent. I’ve also included their digibyte address (which is in the document too), and have started the donations with USD$100 worth of digibyte too, as a starting point:


I would encourage you to also donate to them and thank them for their time, effort, ideas and input on how we can truly take digibyte to the next level!

There have been a few initial designs for some merch too and I can’t wait to see stores offering this kind of thing:

Some digibyte cap ideas

I’m not much of a cap person myself, but if those were beanies I’d be buying them for sure!

We’ll also be working on a website for digibyte v8 too, that includes information about digibyte, the changes in version 8, and the website will be built with this new branding in mind. More details will come in due course, more images for you to use and share, more ways for you to get excited about digibyte! I’ve even heard there may be a telegram sticker-pack coming too.

Let me know what you think, and please again join me in thanking spiral and Damir for their work on this!

Here’s to a bright future for digibyte, and a slick new logo, theme, and brand for us.



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