A new development era for DigiByte

What inspired these changes?

My excitement is underpinned by us now following the Atlassian Gitflow Workflow method, and I want to show you a little bit of an example of this.

What are these improvements?

Not only are we taking a leaf out of the Bitcoin Core playbook, we wanted to take it a small step further in terms of tidiness / accountability. This is the difference between Bitcoin Core contributing vs the Gitflow Workflow process.

Testing changes for DigiByte before they’re accepted
  • An atomic pull request is made
  • Against it’s own feature-branch
  • Which is reviewed by multiple other developers (You can’t “review” your own work, naturally)
  • And then merged into the develop-branch
  • That’s merged back in to a release-branch when a release is made
  • And it’s all then merged back in to Master after a release has taken place

A look at the Gitflow process:

We have some examples of this process already taking place that you can see.

An example of the recent submissions that have taken place

What are the implications for DigiByte 8 release date?

I genuinely can’t say, I simply don’t know.



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Josiah Spackman

Josiah Spackman


I write interesting things about cryptocurrency, especially DigiByte