Amon Unlimited’s DigiByte videos and his quest for a Binance P&D

There’s been a bunch of drama doing the rounds (Happens more regularly whenever there’s a price appreciation in DigiByte) so I’m here to clear the air a little:

Yes, I helped Amon work on over half a dozen videos

Yes, I provided him with the scripts for many of them

Yes, I even did the voice-over for one of the videos

Yes, I even contributed a few hundred dollars of my own money towards them

Yes, permission has been granted to use the videos

Yes, he’s even given me the originals to upload to YouTube

What happened?

Well, as is the case very regularly, a lot of people see DigiByte as not being on Binance and think to themselves “I can buy now, wait for the Binance P&D, and try and make some quick / easy money”. Unfortunately Amon was one of those people.

Anyway, as has been discussed in the past, there were new employees at Binance early Q2 2019 who clearly didn’t know the DigiByte history, and they wanted to get DigiByte on the platform.

A phone call happens with certain prominent DigiByte members, Amon is not one of these people on the call. Jared and a few others are.

Binance asks for 3% of the circulating supply, PLUS a few hundred thousand dollars in either BNB or BTC (As per usual). Negotiations naturally break down because there’s no slush-fund in DigiByte to pay for this sort of thing. I get told about this basically as soon as the call finished by one of the others on the call, who advised the new people at Binance weren’t aware DigiByte wasn’t an ICO.

We’re not in to badmouthing people for no good reason, and the drum has been beaten enough as it is about how Binance have screwed people / projects etc over, so there’s no point in making any kind of unneccessary drama about it. No worries, that’s life, everyone goes their separate ways…

It was probably a month or so later as happens (again), it comes up, “why no Binance?” on Twitter by somebody in the community who was apparently fresh, with there being a lot of insinuation that Binance don’t ask for listing fees “any more”.

Jared responds on Twitter to the insinuation (I believe this was right before they changed their tune from requiring a “listing fee” to “a donation to Binance charity”), however this time Jared tells people what really went on earlier in the year.

Amon, who wasn’t aware of where things were at and seemingly believed that negotiations were still ongoing, decided at that Jared was to blame for the circumstance, simply because he was who broke the news to him. I don’t know why, this was *not* Jareds fault whatsoever, and to be fair I was most impressed with his professionalism at the time of the call in how he handled having his time wasted yet again by Binance.

Amon starts making repeated and on-going snide comments towards Rudy and Jared on Twitter. These have since been taken down but I messaged Amon in Telegram, and Telegram cached some of them:

Image for post
Image for post
Many snide remarks made on Twitter

So he starts having a go at Jared, “Hey do I have your permission to ask this exchange”, being completely crazy about it. Honestly, what a ridiculously loaded way to start a message out, and tagging an owner of an exchange too!

Shortly thereafter, all of the “DigiByte Unlimited Network” videos / channels all disappeared, mid-to-late November.

It’s been fine ever since then, he kicked up a bit of a fuss, but left without asking anybody to remove the videos at the time.

Fast forward to May 2020 and he’s seeing DigiByte on the radar again due to recent price movement, and has decided he no longer wants the DigiByte videos used, in an attempt to spite Jared and the DigiByte community for his perceived slight by us not being on Binance.

In addition, now we are seeing an attempted Copyright Takedown on the older DigiByte Global Blockchain YouTube channel:

Image for post
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Screenshot of the copyright takedown

The irony here of “Attend copyright school” being used as a takedown reason, especially when this particular video was uploaded by Amon himself to that YouTube channel, as during 2019 he was granted permissions to it to begin to manage it (something which he never did).

Image for post
Image for post
Copyright takedown on my own channel

He also filed them on my personal channel, which is hilarious given he provided me with the original files to upload those videos.

So what’s the problem?

Now that Amon is throwing his toys out of the cot, he’s decided he wants to attempt to rescind the permission previously granted.

That in and of itself is laughable, could you imagine giving Coke Cola permission to use your face to advertise drinking Coke, only to rescind that permission once it’s being used in advertising campaigns all over the world?

So we have accusations of theft:

Image for post
Image for post
Image for post
Image for post
More theft accusations on Twitter

Let’s clear the air with a few things then, because Amon has provided permission, many times, to the entire community, Jared included, and I don’t take lightly to false accusations.

Let’s start with a screenshot that Amon himself sent me, of his Twitter, mad that Jared hadn’t replied to him in a timely manner, but where he also grants Jared permission to use the videos:

Image for post
Image for post
Amons screenshot of his DM’s with Jared

Note, the first one where he’s saying “When you use the video on the site”, sounds like permission to me. But let’s clarify further:

Image for post
Image for post
Permission to me

Amon says “Please feel free to use any of the DigiByte videos we created”.

Now you COULD argue this was just “make a playlist”, except it’s not because he sends me the original files for me to re-upload so they are in the highest quality:

Image for post
Image for post
Permission again to use the videos

Again this kind of thing happens regularly where despite permission being previously granted, I clarify he’s OK with them being shared and he reassures me: Yes

Image for post
Image for post
Video is the communitys

So the accusations of theft are outright ridiculous!

Now, you can find these on my YouTube channel, and at the time of writing these are the only videos that are on my channel that are not monetized, that have a DigiByte address in the description (His DigiByte address) and I still to this day link back to his channel.

The funny part is I’m still linked on his channel as well:

Image for post
Image for post
Channels Featured on his YouTube channel

No doubt after reading this far you will see why I take issue with these accusations of theft:

  1. They are ridiculous
  2. I was granted permission, as was the DigiByte community
  3. I paid him money to help cover his time
  4. I wrote many of the video scripts
  5. I was given the originals to use however I saw fit

It’s a real shame to see somebody go off the rails like we’ve seen, however his change of heart does not immediately make me, Jared, or the DigiByte community “thieves”.

Image for post
Image for post
Counterclaim confirmation

I’ve also filed a counter-claim for the takedown notice on the DigiByte Global Blockchain YouTube channel. Despite the channel not getting a lot of new traction, it has a lot of historical videos there from the earlier days of the project.

Now that we’ve cleared the air there, I hope you’ll enjoy this video and the many others that myself and the community at large helped to make, hosted with permission on my YouTube channel:

And as always, if you liked it and you want to donate DigiByte to Amon for it, the address is in the description.

I don’t know if he still has that address, so you might be throwing DigiByte in to the void, but his address is there nonetheless.

Update 14th May:

When I attempted to upload todays DigiByte Update video I was greeted with:

Image for post
Image for post

And it turns out theres a new copyright strike:

Image for post
Image for post

It turns out he’s gone through and reported videos further. This now constitutes harassment for these fraudulent submissions, and I have contacted YouTube again about these to have them remove and the good standing of my YouTube account reinstated.

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