Announcing DigiByte Core 6.16.5 for immediate upgrade!

DigiByte Core Wallet version 6.16.5 has now been released, and includes the recent fix from upstream Bitcoin Core 0.16.3.

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The new DigiByte Core version 6.16.5!

I talk a bit about this Bitcoin “transaction bug” here, and explain why you should upgrade as soon as possible:

Overview of the denial-of-service vulnerability (CVE-2018–17144)

Also included in the 6.16.5 release are the following “quality of life” improvements, and fixes:

  • Changed the main-screen image to accurately reflect the new version (Sorry about that in 6.16.4)
  • Importing of certain compressed private keys from paper wallets is now working again
  • Using importprivkey now generates the traditional “D” public address type, as well as newer Bech32 and SegWit addresses on import
  • Additional Testnet default server added
  • Added --algo launch argument (For miners / pools)
  • getdifficulty now gets the correct algo difficulty
  • Added the optional algo argument to getblocktemplate

The release is available now at:

As this update includes the fix for CVE-2018–17144, I would highly recommend all users upgrade as soon as possible.

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