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Following the recent YouTube bans of Christmas 2019, it has become more and more clear that users need to be more in control of their social-data, as well as a cryptocurrency-friendly space where crypto users and advocates don’t need to fear being de-platformed.

This won’t replace YouTube though?

Nope, not at all. There are still limitations around just how much video can be uploaded to, but you can do short clips just as you would on Twitter etc.

Is this stored on the DigiByte blockchain?

Nope, nothing at present is stored on-chain. If it is in the future, it will be 100% optional, and likely begin with something like a tipping-bot.

Who can participate?

The service is an open-registration and equal opportunity to all. This is not just a DigiByte-specific server, and I would encourage people from any blockchain / cryptocurrency project to get involved. If you’re a Bitcoin maximalist, a Litecoin fan, or you like to meme it up with Dogecoin, you’re still most welcome.

Where can I find the Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct for it’s users was taken from the, with additional clarification around cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. You can find this here:

What if I want to move my account?

No worries!

So talks with other servers?

Yes, you’re participating in an existing social network, this isn’t being started from the ground-up, but participating in a pre-existing set of standards.

Couldn’t anybody start up their own server? It’s all open-source right?


Will you stop posting on Twitter then? Should we move away from it to just

Not at all, at least not to begin with. There are a lot of people on there who still need to be reached, so it makes little sense to “Do a CSW” and disappear from the platform.

What longevity options are there for

The platform will rely on donations, from the users and broader community. It is not a high-cost platform, with most of the requirements being around bandwidth and storage. Even the primary server only costs around the equivalent of USD$300 per-month, however it has several hundred thousand users.

I’d love to help out, how can I?

Sign up, start being sociable, and over time we’ll be looking for more people to assist with any moderation as / when required.

I’ve signed up, now what?

Time to go find some friends. Search through hashtags, add a display picture, and try out the custom emoji (For example, include :DigiByte: ) in your next message.



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