Announcing the DigiByte PR and Marketing Partnership

Dear DigiByte community,

It is with great pleasure that we can confirm we have engaged a PR Agency to begin aiding DigiByte in this exciting next step for us. We have engaged them to help spread the DigiByte brand on a global scale, and after countless hours of sifting through a number of options, background checks, due diligence, discussions with the Agency, we’ve decided on one company to help us.

Then we crowdsourced the funds, the DigiByte community stepped up and we reached our goal in just a little over 24 hours. A fantastic achievement we should all be proud of.

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We reached our goal of 300,000 DGB!

With this, we are honored to be able to announce that we are partnering with Tom Cridland Public Relations!

The goals of this partnership and the marketing funds are so that we can primarily expand our awareness of DigiByte globally, exposure, building dApps and other use-cases for the DigiByte Blockchain. These funds raised will not be used for exchange listing fees. We have maintained a firm stance thus far that we do not and will not speculate on the price of DigiByte, and this stance will not be changing.

It’s also worth mentioning that the funds raised thus far are purely to engage with this agency, and we still maintain our 1,600,000 DigiByte “stretch goal” which we estimate would provide us with the funding to cover the next 12-months worth of DigiByte marketing materials.

We also promised a little something more, and so we’re super excited to be able to let you know that we’ll have a merchandise store shortly! We will be announcing a partner in this space who will handle it all for us, and will be doing a “merchandise store launch special” soon to coincide with this.

Please join me in warmly welcoming Tom Cridland Public Relations to the DigiByte community, we can’t wait to see where things go from here!

Here’s a few Q&A we’ve had already from our Telegram channels:
- Why did you not pick a Fortune 500 company? What’s the advantage of a more modest PR agency?

A main advantage of working with Tom Cridland Public Relations, as opposed to a bigger corporate PR agency is the fact that we know that the person writing and pitching has a proven track record, as opposed to dealing with an “account manager” who outsources this to a trainee or intern. Tom Cridland Public Relations is also a lot more transparent and their methods are more dynamic, so fair more suited to DigiByte.

- How will the PR agency be paid?

They have agreed to accept payment in DigiByte. This naturally provides additional incentive for them to generate results, as it makes them an investor in DigiByte as well.

- How does the DigiByte team know they won’t run off with the DigiByte?

We have a signed engagement letter from Tom Cridland Public Relations confirming they will refund the DigiByte if the contract is breached

- Has the PR agency marketed Blockchain technology before?

The firm is doing PR/Marketing across various industries, just not fashion. The scientific approach and pitching process is one that remains applicable across all industries and simply needs to be adapted to blockchain.

- What areas will the PR agency be working on for DigiByte?

They will be targeting Online, Print, TV, Radio, They have been able to secure coverage on Podcasts.

- Are they going to focus on social media at all?

Social media marketing is not their core expertise, however they have expressed a willingness to assist where possible.

- How will the campaign be audited and the success measured?

We have two methods to begin with. Firstly, we will have a Google spreadsheet that will be internally shared with the heads of the Foundation team, and we can identify the real-time status of any particular PR outreach. Secondly, we have access to the DigiByte email address at any point so we can monitor emails and other communication through this.

- How many clients does this PR agency serve?

The maximum amount of active clients the firm will have is 15. This is due to them providing a more focused, detailed approach in generating results for their clients.

- What other clients has this agency been involved with?

We felt this was best to share what Tom Cridland Public Relations have shared with us, directly:

Since 2015, We have continuously been securing coverage in the likes of NBC, CBS, The CW, National Public Radio, BBC, ITV, CNBC, The Times, The Telegraph, Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, The Independent, The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Star, Daily Mirror, Forbes, Fast Company, Esquire, Evening Standard, CityAM, The New York Times, El Pais, ABC, Il Sole 24 Ore, The Hindustan Times, South China Morning Post, The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, Bild, Die Welt, GQ, Daily Express, Bloomberg and Fox News.

Our PR methods are dynamic, relentless, organised and as a scientific as possible. We think the importance of writing is overlooked by many in PR and articulately conveying actual story ideas to journalists, as opposed to bombarding them with scatter gun press releases that resemble consumer facing marketing material, yields the best results. Above all, our way of securing press can be applied to any industry and we would relish the opportunity to work with DigiByte.

We just secured Henry Poole coverage in Vanity Fair:

And the BBC:

We’ve been helping build Cornerstone, the shaving subscription brand, through securing press like this feature in The Independent:

We just scored the watch start-up, Freedom To Exist, this feature in The Telegraph:

Cocorose London had a huge spike in sales thanks to this great Daily Mail piece we secured them:

After our pitch on ‘the socks you don’t need to wash’, within 48 hours Corrymoor Socks had appeared in The Guardian, Metro, Express, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Mashable, Radio 5 live, Radio Coventry, BBC World Service in UK (just to name a few!) to the likes of Good Morning America and The Sydney Morning Herald internationally. We were subsequently asked us to halt our PR services for 6 months so could keep up with sales.

By pitching creatively on a number of different angles, from body image, women in business, Brexit, gender pay gap, ethics, sustainability, fashion-specific, women with children to name a few, we have secured Rose & Willard coverage in the likes of BBC News, The Guardian, Metro, Daily Mail, Town & Country, Evening Standard, International Times, The National, Huffington Post, Cosmpolitan, ABC, Marie Claire, The Times, Die Welt, The Australian and The Telegraph of multiple occasions.

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