BlackMiner supporting Odocrypt

Windows support

The BlackMiner series comes with a Windows application that will do the automatic re-flashing of the FPGA. Their suite also allows it to be used for others, but, that’s just a nice bonus of their support for 2 dozen other hashing algorithms.

The setup

Wasn’t actually too bad.

  • Plug the unit in to your network
  • Fire up the web-interface for it on your computer
  • Flash the software with an Odocrypt-specific firmware
  • Reboot and point the above BlackMiner software at it so it can program it to use the seed for the current epoch
  • Reboots once more to apply the settings
  • Success
My BlackMiner F1 Mini with a heatsink + fan on top

Technical support

While setting this up we obviously ran in to a few teething issues during testing etc. which was to be expected as they create the software to support Odocrypt.

Differences between the Mini / F1 / F1+

The main difference is the number of chips on each

WebUI showing Odocrypt mining

Supporting DigiByte

The team at BlackMiner have also been generous enough to create a couple of voucher-codes that can be used for further discount for the DigiByte community looking to get on-board. This timing works well, given I just finished my testing yesterday, and that they have a new batch of F1 Mini’s ready to ship from tomorrow I believe they mentioned?

Getting the DigiByte discounts



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