We’re announcing our 4th Bounty that we fundraised for earlier last month, DigiID integration into the Mobile wallets!

DigiID will be an amazing shift for the way that you authenticate websites and so much more!

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How DigiID will let you log into a website

DigiByte has security at the core, and this is going to be one of the ways you’re going to see that you can use the DigiByte blockchain to solve many of the internets security issues.

The bounty will require taking the back-end code that’s mostly ready, and streamlining an interface that will work for our users, along with some additional work on this as an overall “project”. As such, the bounty may end up being split a number of ways, and so we request you get in touch with us via Telegram in the Developer channel before beginning any work on this bounty.

What we want to see from this Bounty / Project:

1/ Streamline the interface in the Android & iOS wallets. This is going to need to be front & center basically, we see this likely being a key focal point of the wallets going forward. This is going to be the bulk of the work.

2/ Setup a demo website for people to use to test with. It won’t need to be anything too fancy, but just a kind of “Hey look, it works!”

3/ Assist with integration into 3rd party sites / products. This may be a bit more of a long-term or ongoing part, and we might even need to split this off further, but I’m making specific mention of it now because it’s something we’re going to pursue heavily in the future.

We’ll keep you, the community, posted about how this is progressing. It *may* not make the initial release of the wallets, it might be soon after.

As always if you want to donate to this cause, we would welcome it, as this bounty may end up being a more long-term bounty too.

The development wallet is: 3CmhvoyjYkhKWYQLjrpwKbEoWtkiW9cWwX

How will DigiID work?

Well think of it like a bit of a mix of Google Authenticator / SMS authentication (In that, you must have your phone). It’s built using the same hardened security that you use to secure your DigiByte, ensuring others can’t spend your funds.

You’ll basically scan a QR code on a website, and use that to log in. At no point will they ever have your private keys, or anything sensitive, they will only see a signed request that verifies you are you.

The idea of this is that it will greatly streamline how you log in to websites, greater security, removing the ‘password’ vulnerability side of things, saving you time, and so much more! The security implications and improvements from this are mind boggling, in a good way! Yu can expect me (Josiah) to do a follow-up video on this shortly with a more in-depth explanation.

What about Bounty #3?

The Mobile UI redesign is being voted on right now! That’s the first part of Bounty #3. You can vote on your favorite here: https://twitter.com/dgb_chilling/status/981996683553746944

Once we have a design to work with, we’ve got some people who’ve been donating their time to work on the Android / iOS wallets who we’d like to approach and see if they’ll be up for splitting / claiming the remainder of Bounty #3. This may also be a little more expensive than initially anticipated, so again if you’re able to donate, every little bit helps!

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