Bringing Digi-ID to every website with the Digi-ID/AntumID Easy Browser Extension

Digi-ID is leagues ahead of SMS 2-factor authentication, way easier than timed one-time password (TOTP), more secure too.

However, this requires website operators to implement Digi-ID, and that’s something many aren’t running out in a hurry to do.

So, what if there was something to bridge the gap in the mean time?

What if there was something that was better than a password-manager, because it didn’t need to store your password on your PC or in the cloud?

What if you could do this all from your Digi-ID Authenticator?

Well, with thanks to AntumID, Matthew Cornelisse and Noah Seidman, you can now do just that!

To get started, download the browser plugin for Chrome / Brave browser:

Or Firefox:

This has also been submitted to Microsoft for inclusion in the EDGE browser.

Then, grab yourself the Digi-ID Simple or Digi-ID/AntumID Authenticator:

Note: Future support is coming to the main DigiByte apps, and also to standalone iOS Authenticator applications

Now go to your favorite website, for example, etc

Then, tap on the Digi-ID/AntumID button to have it generate you a unique QR code for the website that your browser is currently open at.

Scan the QR code with your Digi-ID Authenticator app. It will generate you the unique password for that website.

Great, but that’s on your phone, how do you get it to your PC’s web browser?

Simply tap on the “Send” button to have it send the password through to your browser.

Then on your PC, tap on “Get key” to have the browser plugin receive the password, and then you can “Copy key” to copy it to your clipboard for easy pasting in to the website.

The AntumID team are currently looking in to automatically filling forms / login prompts etc once the password is received.

Keep in mind that this password is cryptographically generated by your private keys, specifically for the website you are visiting. It’s not stored anywhere but is recreated the same each and every time for the respective website.

This means that you don’t have any central “file” that contains all of your passwords, which somebody else could steal. There is no password-file.

While this is a little different from native Digi-ID support, this brings MANY many benefits to end-users, including fast, simple and secure authentication.

You can also see a video shared by AntumID:

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