Clarifying my involvement with “the” DigiByte Foundation

I wanted to clear the air ahead of the DigiByte Foundation incorporation, and provide a little insight in to some of the history.

You see I am the sole Director of DigiByte Foundation NZ Limited. This is my private company. I have been the sole Director since 10th April 2018 when it was incorporated:

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Just so everyone is clear, this “DigiByte Foundation NZ Limited” is different from the DigiByte Foundation that Hans, Rutger and Rudy are all involved with creating, which can be found at

This is being registered in the Netherlands as a “stitching” style Foundation. I expect that going forward when people talk about “the Foundation”, this is what they are meaning.

The reason that I originally created the business was simply to get a DUNS number, Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Universal Numbering System, so that we could proceed with listing the DigiByte Wallet on iOS. Apple required that, along with a company Developer Account. These were all part of the convoluted listing conditions that of Apples back in 2018 which were why there was significant delays in getting the iOS app live originally.

There’s nothing special here, I simply pay the $99 per-year out of my own pocket so that the app can remain listed in the App Store. I intentionally don’t even have access to the private key to sign the package, so that I remain independent, simply “enabling” the app to be submitted.

To be honest, I could have called the company “Jos app submission for iOS NZ Limited” and it would serve exactly the same purpose.

Now, at no time have I received any funds from anybody for this, or any other related costs. The business takes no money whatsoever. Any and all donations that I have previously looked after on a personal level to redistribute, such as for the Wallet Redesign Contest, Mobile Dev Bounties, to give to David Hay for philanthropic work in Venezuela, and recent Go Wallet work, have 100% been passed on in their entirety. I haven’t received / kept a single DigiByte from it.

I’m also not directly involved with this DigiByte Foundation being started by Rudy, Rutger & Hans in any way, aside from my usual friendly discussions with those three gentlemen. This is intentional too, as I don’t want to be “too central” to any goings-on in the DigiByte ecosystem.

With that said, I wish the DigiByte Foundation all the best and am more than happy to help them out wherever they need. I’m sure we’ll be seeing big things from them.

Now, with that all cleared up, here’s to a bright and exciting 2020!

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