Alright community it’s time to give Go Wallet some more TLC 😎

It’s been having some “fun” lately, and so we need to double-down on the reliability side and build something that people can use on a daily basis.

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I know that Go can be used as a solid application. There are many projects that use a Go-equivalent wallet as their primary “non-Core” wallet, and I think we need to give it some more love and care to bring it up to that level of performance it could be.

DigiByte Go is also quite frankly our best MultiSig wallet that we have, and having that on both PC and Mobile would be a HUGE boost for MultiSig options.

I’m proposing a few things we look at here:

  1. Server reliability
    It needs to be “up” for end-users more, so tracking down the root cause there about why it’s been crashing will be key
  2. Redundancy options / self-hosting
    Better instructions & build-info for end-users to host their own BWS Service (The underlying interface between the blockchain and what end-users see) and full-stack if they want to be self-reliant
  3. Apps for Android / iOS / Windows etc
    DigiByte Go can be built for a large variety of platforms. I currently have a build of it on Android, and with the latest DigiAssets support we could bring that to Android + iOS too!
  4. DAP-prefix support
    With us wanting to do DAP as a prefix for DigiAssets (Similar to dgb1 Bech32 addresses), this would specifically allow users to know they’re sending to a DigiAssets supporting wallet (And would eventually come to Android / iOS etc too).

I want to try and raise 350,000 DigiByte.

I’m aware that price is down a lot at the moment (Yep it’s hit me too) but I’m still going to chip in the first 15,000 DigiByte.

Donations to be made to: dgb1qkn8rpc8gsgnvj3xvzshqz8k379rppqmp8evx6j

Address for donations

This is an address purely in my control, unfortunately again without a solid / simple MultiSig wallet (like Go), it’s easier to just do it this way.

In the event we don’t reach the amount (Unlikely, I think this is a great cause most people will get behind), or the developers are unable to do this, I’ll simply send the funds to DGBAT to look after for future development work.

I know of a couple of developers I’m going to tap on the shoulder and politely ask for them to help us get this done (One of whom has done work on Go previously), but feel free to DM me on Telegram if you think this is something you can do.

Now let’s not stop shy of it either, if we go over my proposed amount then I’m certain there’s some more really cool stuff we could do here both with Go and other things too, so, let’s do this! Let’s get this bounty funded 😎

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