DigiByte listing on Binance & EasyCrypto.nz!

People have been asking for DigiByte to be listed on Binance…

… “for liquidity” I’m told :-/

ByteCoin (BCN) got listed today. Did wonders for them! {sarcasm}

Price went from 2c, to almost 15c, back down to 2c:

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Bytecoin-BCN was listed today on Binance

My favorite is what happened with Tron back end of last year:

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When TRON got listed on Binance

I wonder if you can see where in this image TRON got listed on Binance?

I’ll give you a hint, I even circled it for you… And the price kept going down over the following week.

I don’t care what you say the reasons are: Usually, getting listed on Binance is basically for P&D at list-time. That’s why most people want it. Even the ignorant who aren’t in the secret back-channels of P&D organization know it’s going to happen.

If you want to sell your DigiByte, you’re welcome to do-so on any number of Exchanges, probably the same way in which you purchased them. If you’re hanging on to your DigiByte long-term, a small blip on a daily chart won’t matter to you, and many people won’t even notice it’s happened.

DigiByte is now available on well over 70 exchanges, many of which offer Fiat -> DGB purchasing options so you can buy DGB with your local currency. The Fiat pairings will enable a MUCH larger target audience.

It’s great Binance have 8+ million users, but they’re not specifically “new users” to blockchain. I’d wager we’re better off getting on to a few exchanges in India, Japan, Korea etc with Fiat purchasing options, to have a potential audience of billions of people.

Anyway, yes, the subject of this Medium post was a bit of a troll.

Yes, I’m sick of people talking about Binance like it’s the be-all and end-all. I’ve been in the Crypto game for coming up 5 years now and I’ve seen MANY exchanges come and go, many of which thought to be unable to be toppled… And then things like the Mt.Gox hack happen…

Gratz to Binance for getting so many users on in such a short period of time, that’s commendable for sure, but you can read previous Medium posts for why myself and other Foundation members refuse to spend more time filling in application forms over and over and over again for Binance when they have all the info they need!

DigiByte is the last of 2 blockchains I believe in the Top #50 in Market Cap to be listed there, though somebody has to be last I suppose.

An ideal exchange is EasyCrypto.nz, they’ve gone and added DigiByte support, and I wasn’t even aware they were going to until we were 100% live yesterday! On top of this, we have NZD -> DGB purchasing options! What more could you want? Bitcoin, DigiByte, NZD, it’s brilliant!

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DigiByte is now on Easy Crypto NZ

An exchange from little ol’ New Zealand added DigiByte without requiring any input / contact from DigiByte developers, the Foundation, nothing! They just simply did it. Binance could too!

The Fiat (NZD) to DGB will help people who are new to crypto, and DigiByte, to get their hands on DGB without having to go via BTC or another blockchain first. Binance requires you have BTC etc already, so you’re probably not *new*.

I’m over people talking it up like DigiByte needs to be on Binance. We don’t. Binance are free to list DigiByte if they want, but DigiByte doesn’t need to be on Binance.

If you see somebody asking “When Binance?”, it’s probably because they’re after a P&D. That’s not something DigiByte is about. We’re after genuine adoption, sustained long-term growth. We’ve been here for over 4 years and we’re not a fly-by-night coin, so feel free to link them to here to this article.

Or here.

Or to here!

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