Yes, in the first of many, we’re putting together a DigiByte meet-up for like-minded individuals.

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I’m coming to the USA in November with my wife, so we’re going to make this part of the trip. Partly so I can catch up with many of the DigiByte friends I’ve made online, and partly just because it’s about time we did a DigiByte meet-up!

The evening / night of November 10th, we’ll probably meet up from around about 6:30PM (give or take). Show up a bit earlier for a meal / beer if you’re keen, otherwise if you’re late then nobody will mind either :)

At Tribune in Fullerton

101 E Commonwealth Ave
Fullerton, CA 92832

Directions to Tribune

We’re going to all get together and drink beer, maybe have some pizza, and just hang out with like minded DigiByte enthusiasts.

No cost, unless you consume beer etc

For that reason too there’s no registration, we’re literally just going to be hanging out for a few drinks after dinner.

It could be 2 people, it could be 200 people, we are breaking ground here so we simply just don’t know.

Listen for the thick Kiwi accent that sounds different from all the others, you’ll find me I’m sure! Otherwise, I’ll likely be wearing a DigiByte tee or hoody.

Great! You don’t need to tell everyone your name, or if you’d prefer to be known just as your Twitter handle or similar then that’s totally cool too!

No talks, unless somebody gets a bit too tipsy and can find a microphone. This isn’t so much a “Conference” as it is a meet-up with fellow DigiByte fans.

Totally open ended, we could wrap up after an hour, or we could continue long into the night!

Fantastic! How awesome would that be!!

If that’s the case we’ll keep people posted if we have to move somewhere else locally, so keep your eye either on Twitter or Telegram

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