Fundraising for ProgPoW implementation

Josiah Spackman
3 min readApr 15, 2020


It’s my (admittedly anecdotal) experience over the last 6–9 months that the DigiByte community at large is vastly in favor of implementing ProgPoW to replace one of the existing 5x algorithms.

I have also witnessed quite a strong push for RandomX as well, though ProgPoW is very clearly prioritized.

ProgPoW for some reason gets nicknamed PorgyPoW after the Porgs in Star Wars

So where am I going with all this? Well recently I was talking with Kristy-Leigh Minehan about everything, we’ve stayed in touch since our DigiByte and Friends interview in November ’19. She has since hinted that she would be up for assisting DigiByte with a pull-request implementing the latest ProgPoW.

Now, I asked her a few weeks ago if we could raise some DigiByte as a token of our gratitude to say thanks, and she has politely declined. However, I think we should regardless!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that as a community we can’t donate to every single thing that happens as part of the core DigiByte blockchain, not at all. However, I do think that overall while DigiByte grows and develops in to a project that has multiple corporate entities building on top of it that are helping to fund this kind of development, it is up to us as the broader community to both raise these funds and show gratitude for this kind of thing. Especially for such a major change that is going to allow us to bring back GPU / CPU-based mining and go back to our roots of a broader based distribution and participation in mining.

What I’d like to see us do is raise the a few grand, to say thanks. I’m thinking in the order of 500,000 DGB is probably a good starting place for us to shoot for.

As always with these things, although I’ll be looking after the wallet, 100% of all the donation will be going to the recipient, I don’t keep a single satoshi of it.

So, you can donate to: SNiEYBjL2y2kA77QSHZBTj4uCUcqX1kF59


I’ll be starting us off with the first 25,000 DigiByte for this, and I truly hope the community will join me in raising the remainder.

Tip: If your wallet doesn’t support the SegWit address (DigiByte addresses starting with “S” or “dgb1”, and you can’t send to that address, I would encourage you to reach out to them for reasons I mention here and ask them to support it:

From here, I know that Yoshi / Jared / Gary have been working on and off towards merging Bitcoin Core 0.19 in to DigiByte, and as this will be the 8th major network protocol version, it will all be going in to making DigiByte Core 8.19.

Once we’ve reached the goal, I’ll ask her for a DigiByte address so we can send it to her.



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