Go Wallet update — Redundancy progress

We’ve been making progress with the Go Wallets, moving them off the old servers so they can be basically rebuilt, but also on to these newer servers in a higher availability setup.

Under the old setup, when you loaded up the DigiByte Go extension, it would look to go.digibyte.io, which was a whole bunch of servers all in one.

It also used the digiexplorer.info server as a blockchain interface, which was highly overutilized by a large number of other exchanges etc (rather than running their own). This further exascerbated issues when the responses were not immediate enough, or if it was overloaded.

NOTE: There’s documentation I’ve put together for you to run your own, if you’re an exchange, wallet, or other service provider: https://www.dgbwiki.com/index.php?title=Running_your_own_Insight_explorer

This is all changing as part of our effort to make it in to a first-in-class wallet!

Why is this all important?

Well there’s a BUNCH of different components to the way that DigiByte Go Wallet gets information to you, and they all need to talk to each other

From these components, we’ve now overhauled all of them so they will be better, faster, more reliable going forwards.

What’s new?

First of all, the wallet codebase itself has had a significant overhaul with a number of back-end improvements, library updates, bug-fixes, code tidy-ups, and more.

Go Wallet as a front-end will still look *mostly* the same, BUT, everything we’re doing is with the goal of making it more reliable!

Server Status Monitor

We’ve got a new intermediary which keeps an eye on a bunch of servers:

This checks the servers on a semi-regular basis, checks to see if they’re up, if they’re in-sync, and notifies the server-admin in the event they are not. We’ve already had SashaD volunteer to be part of this so will add his Insight server to the rotation. If you want to help with this, and are willing to have your server added to the rotation, please get in touch.

New DWS server

We’re replacing the previous DigiByte Wallet Service server with a new one. This is in all new hosted infrastructure, it runs independently from other servers, and is well equipped to handle things in to the future.

This is being migrated to now as we speak, to resolve todays issue with Go Wallet, and once that’s occurred we will be looking in to rebuilding the older one to add it to the rotation.

Insight back-end work

There’s been some MAJOR work underway regarding the DigiExplorer back-end, which I’ll go in to more in the future, but needless to say this is a HUGE positive for us, in making the Insight API’s and Explorer front-end more reliable than ever before.

Stay tuned and I’ll address this in a separate blog post soon

DigiExplorer.info high availability

We’ve been doing work to get DigiExplorer in a higher availability setup so that it’ll load-balance between two servers. This is why you can’t get to DigiExplorer.info at present, as it’s finishing being re-done now.

When you go to DigiExplorer.info in the future, it won’t just go to one monolithic server that’s handling a bunch of stuff. Instead, it’ll pick and choose each time from one of a bunch of specifically setup servers in the back-end, and load-balance users across a few different ones in geographically diverse locations.

This is going to result in better performance and lower latency when using it, greater uptime, redundancy, and again is going to be a big boost for DigiByte going forward.

How does the infrastructure look now?

Well, something more akin to this:

As you can see a lot more redundancy, better prepared for the growth that we’ve been seeing.

Again, I’ll keep you posted as these go live and as we continue making progress with them going forward.

I also want to take this opportunity to give a huge thanks to those who’ve volunteered to look after some of these server costs, for DigiExplorer, the newly coming website etc, it’s so encouraging to see the community stepping up and taking ownership of this and I want to commend those who’ve been active in seeking out ways they can assist. That is truly the vision and spirit of a decentralized community. Thank you :)

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