Goal for Cucuta Venezuela reached!

You lot are the best, you really are!

Thanks to everybody for coming together and some very generous donations in the last few hours, we’ve reached the 80,000 DigiByte goal for us to send with David Hay to Cucuta, Venezuela. This will be used as a sort of “Emergency Aid” for him to distribute however he sees fit to people on the ground in Cucuta. It could be to people in need on the street, it could be to a church that’s helping the community, to a hospital, to anything at all where there is a great need.

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80,000 DigiByte reached!

With wages currently being around USD$0.01 per-hour, that’s basically a lifetimes worth of wages he’s going to be able to distribute on your behalf to the people in Cucuta who are in dire need of it.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all who donated and passed on the word about this! This is “crypto, in-action”, genuinely helping the lives of those less fortunate than us, and making a real difference in the world.

Where-to from here?

Well, I’ve contacted David again to let him know I’m ready to send him the DigiByte. I understand it’s late in his part of the world so I’m sure I’ll hear from him tomorrow.

He’s going to take the DigiByte and then when he’s over in Cucuta, Venezuela, he’ll distribute it however he most sees fit. However, he’s said he’ll send us a special video of him as he donates the DigiByte we’re sending with him. This may end up being in the local fiat currency at the time, it may be in DigiByte, but this is something I’m really looking forward to hearing back about!

It’s my understanding that no other cryptocurrency has done this, so it’s going to be a little something special from him to say “thank you!” to the DigiByte community.

What about the entire project to bring Crypto to Venezuela?

It’s still happening!

He’s flying out there in a few days to go lay some groundwork there in Venezuela, and then when he’s back I’m sure he’ll eventually make a choice around which blockchain he wants to use there.

I’ve offered him the support of the DigiByte community, regardless of the outcome of that, even if it’s no secret I’m confident we’re the absolute best blockchain that could be used.

In the mean time, I’m so over the moon about how this has all come together, and time and time again the DigiByte community has really stepped up when it comes to their giving, especially to such a valuable humanitarian cause. I’m so humbled that you would all believe in this cause, and proud to be part of something so selfless.

I’ll keep you posted with updates :)

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