Here’s DigiByte Core 6.17.2!

The latest DigiByte Core update is now available, version 6.17.2.

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This will be mostly of interest to pool-operators, as we prepare the way for hashing algorithm replacements. We need to get pool operators running DigiByte Core 6.17.2+ so that we can ensure a smooth transition down the road to Odocrypt and other algorithms.

At this point the Odocrypt algorithm is not included.

You can download the source code from:

Alternatively you can download binaries from:

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It’s the new DigiByte Core 6.17.2!

What’s new?

The most notable changes in 6.17.2 are:

Preparation for Odocrypt

We’re getting ready for Odocrypt and so have made some adjustments to the way that we handle algorithm upgrades in the future. While there is no date set yet for the Odocrypt implementation, it’s important we get as many miners / pools on to Odocrypt as soon as we can to ensure a smooth and non-contentious transition.

Mine multiple algorithms on a single instance

This means that pool operators no longer need to run multiple instances of digibyted for each algorithm they want to support (having 5 copies of the blockchain running), they can simply update their pool software to pass the algo every time getblocktemplate is called.
If no changes are made, existing software will still function the same with algo= being passed in digibyte.conf

Storage limiting

Under the Preferences you can limit the maximum storage that DigiByte Core will use to store the blockchain if you are severely limited on drive-space. Naturally where possible people should keep & seed the full blockchain, though this setting helps those who are unable to keep all the data:

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New “pruning” option for block storage

Partial spend avoidance

The -avoidpartialspends flag has been added (this is not enabled by default) which will always spend existing UTXO to the same address together, even if it results in slightly higher fees. This is done to potentially increase privacy.

Partially Signed Transaction support

Implementation of BIP174

Scan TX output support

Additional documentation for the scantxoutset RPC call can be found here:

Transaction Indexing improvements

You can toggle -txindex on the fly. When disabling, txindex will not be deleted automatically, so it can be turned on later without needing a full resync.

Testnet reset

The DigiByte testnet issues have been resolved and the testnet has been reset

32-bit architecture support sunset

At this stage, 32-bit architecture is not supported. This is predominantly due to the number of blocks the DigiByte blockchain has, which exceeds what the Bitcoin blockchain will have by the year 2100. Due to this, with current memory mapping, we are unable to support 32-bit Windows, Linux, and ARM CPU’s. Additional work is being done on the code-base to potentially support memory-limited devices, however any interested users can keep track of the progress over on GitHub:

Anything else?

For more information on the inclusions from upstream Bitcoin Core, you can read:

And also:

Reproducable builds:

If you are recreating the DigiByte Core builds with Gitian, the following are the hashes generated:

Commit: 7a5661959a195bcbea4230f937b2da8959a47cbf

c2980080978498ef362ed79c338859e65420c3d580a392cbcb6f0b0aca41c573 digibyte-6.17.2-osx-unsigned.dmg
97148e17b000300931d09841afe77bfdd937325165b384cdf4d6c5b1d367436c digibyte-6.17.2-win64-setup-unsigned.exe
69162406005c189a596f0d8dae9c1e50d7a5e7f1c8da8a48b2dac70e5de817d3 digibyte-6.17.2-aarch64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
eb5a9e3b67fe5d2f9adf97397a8eba824954891f4e8b176fd4da51ca7f1cf9d3 digibyte-6.17.2-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz

The full build-report can be found here:

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