History & Security: DigiBytes’ MultiAlgo implementation

The Genesis block for DigiByte
HunterCoin was the first MultiAlgo blockchain
Myriad logo, just coz I like pictures
Current hashrates securing each network. Below the red line is merge-mined with LTC

So why am I explaining all of this?

Well it has to do with the MultiAlgo implementation. XMY is piggy-backing off LTC for the Scrypt security. They’re also merge-mining their Yescrypt with Unitus (UIS) etc.

But it’s not just about hash power!

You see DigiShield also plays a good role in the security of DigiByte.

In closing

Huntercoin was the first to be MultiAlgo



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Josiah Spackman

Josiah Spackman

I write interesting things about cryptocurrency, especially DigiByte