How the Odocrypt upgrade will work

It’s time to clarify a little about how this protocol upgrade is going to work for DigiByte.

You can check out live stats for the Odocrypt upgrade at any time yourself over on a page I’ve created with Tim M (He made it look real fancy and slick!),

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A little history

Starting with 6.17.2, DigiByte ran the “reservealgo upgrade, with the same 70% requirements. What this means is that for a 1-week period, 70%+ of all blocks mined must be mined, signalling support for this upgrade. Miners basically add an extra number in to the blocks that they mine to say “Yep, I support this network upgrade”.

This ReserveAlgo upgrade laid the ground-work for us to safely swap out and replace our algorithms, with the intention of replacing 1 of the 5 with Odocrypt.

A team of warriors in the DigiByte community contacted all the known pools, and we got the upgrade locked in relatively quickly as you can see by running “getblockchaininfo” from your DigiByte Core Wallet:

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The “since” is the block #, so 8547840 was April 15th 2019. This means with the release on 28th February, it took approx 7 weeks to activate the ReserveAlgo upgrade, meaning we could then look to easily swap out the Myriad-Groestl algorithm.

So how is Odocrypt going?

Right now we’ve been sitting around 58% for a couple of weeks.

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The “since” shows the block that this upgrade was first suggested on, 8668800.

Under statistics we have the “threshold” showing the number of blocks per-period that need to show support for the upgrade. The “period” is the number of blocks we need 70% supporting the upgrade for it to be considered “locked in”. 40320 is 1 weeks worth of blocks.

Right now in that screenshot it’s showing that there’s been 22155 blocks in this period, and of that 12743 show support for the upgrade (Approx 57.5%).

After that “period”, it resets and tries again.

But what if we don’t have 70% at block 9,100,000?

That’s completely fine. The network will still try for 1 year from the “startTime”. The “timeout” shows the “Give up” time. You can put those values:

  • startTime: 1556668800
  • timeout: 1588291200

In to and check for yourself.

Basically, to activate Odocrypt, we need two things:

  1. Block 9,100,000 to have passed
  2. 70% showing support for a 1-week epoch

If we have one, but not the other, the upgrade isn’t locked in. Once we have both, the upgrade occurs.

Now, usually you’d want to have the percent signalling showing the required support by the Block #. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter.

Bitcoin took 10.5 months to get the support required for SegWit. I don’t think we’ll take this long with DigiByte and the Odocrypt upgrade, but I just want to reassure people that even if Block 9,100,000 passes in approx 1 months time and we’re still not quite at 70% signalling support for Odocrypt, that’s OK.

Keep contacting pools to ensure they’ve upgraded to 7.17.2 which signals support for Odocrypt, you can see a list of pools that have / have not upgraded here:

If you’re a miner, consider pointing your hash power at a pool that has already upgraded, or upgrade your DigiByte Core to 7.17.2 yourself.

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