Initial Venezuela goals surpassed, here’s why we want to reach higher!

The city of Adicora where we are wanting to go, credit Instagram @Adicorakite

What is it we are raising the funds for?

Kitesurfing in Adicora, credit Instagram @Adicorakite
  • Bringing internet access back to the city of Adicora to help stimulate the local economy, which would open the city more to international tourism from their renowned Kitesurfing
  • Helping the people in Valencia with Casas de Abrigo
  • Improving local schools and shelters with water pumps, A/C installations
  • Helping shelters with building maintenance, repairs etc
  • Ideas around DigiByte merchant uptake, such as food / grocery stores accepting DigiByte and an injection of that DigiByte to promote local adoption
  • There are several local foundations that support the poor with food / meals that we are looking in to
  • Giving presents to children in December as part of a longer-term initiative
  • And many more ideas have been coming in from the community at large!
A local school in Venezuela

Who has access to the wallet with these funds?

The beautiful landscapes of Carabobo, Venezuela, from

How much will you spend on overheads / admin for this?

The city of Adicora, credit Instagram @Adicorakite

Who is going to help on the ground in Venezuela?

I only have a little to donate, is it even worth it?

What are the priorities when it comes to choosing what will be funded?

When are you planning on stopping receiving funds and going over to Venezuela?

Image credit Instagram @Adicorakite

What is the position of the DigiByte Foundation on this work?

Is anybody taking a cut of the funds along the way? A % stake?

Image credit Instagram @Adicorakite

Is this just a once-off event?

So what now?

QR Code for mobile to send donations, address above for copy / paste




I write interesting things about cryptocurrency, especially DigiByte

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Josiah Spackman

Josiah Spackman

I write interesting things about cryptocurrency, especially DigiByte

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