Marketing Fund & Progress Update

To the DigiByte Community,

We want to thank you again for believing in us, and coming together with the funds to go into the Marketing Wallet so we can engage a PR Agency.

We have two updates for you today:

1) Tom has been busy working on identifying leads and channels to pursue, with multiple avenues for each. While we don’t have any specifics to announce just yet, we want you to be reassured that he’s been liaising with core members of the Foundation on a regular basis and progress is being made

2) Speaking of progress, now the “urgency” has died down for us wanting to engage Tom, we are moving the funds in to a “MultiSig” wallet. In this 2-of-3 wallet, we require the signature of 2 of the 3 people, before we can send the funds anywhere. This differs from before where the private keys had been shared for the old wallet, which meant any of the 3 people who held them could send the funds on.

In a 2-of-3 co-payer wallet, in order for funds to be sent, it needs the signature and approval of 2 of the nominated account holders. In this instance, we have Jared Tate, the founder of DigiByte. We have ycagel as well from the DigiByte Foundation and also Reddit Administrator. We also have me, Josiah, as the Ambassador for the DigiByte Foundation. We want to let you know this, so you know this initiative is being taken seriously, and has the full support of the DigiByte Foundation behind it.

So you’ll see the funds being transferred out and into the new address of: 32io2n8tSPbK7HBNkcYehMyLRY6EJGfeUU

This wallet differs from the previous one, it starts with a “3” rather than a “D”, because it’s a Multi-Signature wallet as mentioned before.

I’ve also updated the address at, a domain provided to us by one of the community members to use, which mirrors the site. It now uses the new wallet address so you can continue to monitor the fund progression. Any additional funds we receive are still going to be going towards additional marketing ventures (And won’t be used for any exchange listing-fees), so feel free to check in on that website for more information over time.

We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with more progress as it becomes available.

This has been cross-posted at Reddit so ycagel can again verify he’s one of the multisig users on the wallet, and for the discussion. You can join in over here:

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