Mid-April ‘18 update: Marketing, Exchanges, Digi-ID and the hunt for web devs!

So let’s talk about Exchanges

Again it’s easy to spot the newbies, because we see “DigiByte needs to be on the worlds largest exchange!”, to which I would ask “Why?”.

I was around back when Mt.Gox was hacked early 2014, it was previously flavor-of-the-month.

Tom Cridland PR

We’d been talking with Tom Cridland for a few weeks, vetting him out, prior to doing the fundraiser.
Clip from the video David Hay sent about what the DigiByte donations accomplished for Venezuela


So although it’s not our usual style, I went and uploaded a video announcing the launch date for Digi-ID, and we’ve even got a website counting down to it which you can see at https://www.digi-id.io

Sign in with Digi-ID, the countdown is on!

We need web devs

We want to get Digi-ID on to everything, such as:

  • Moodle
  • Joomla
  • Shopify
  • ZenCart
  • CubeCart
  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • Drupal
  • Concrete5
  • vBulletin
  • myBB
  • Simple Machine Forums
  • RoundCube
  • SquirrelMail
  • And anything else you can think of that uses a Username / Email / Phone Number / Password



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Josiah Spackman

Josiah Spackman


I write interesting things about cryptocurrency, especially DigiByte