Modifying XMRig to support DigiByte development

  • SHA256 : Bitcoins algo, mined on ASICs
  • Scrypt : Litecoins algo, mined on ASICs
  • Myriad-Groestl: One of Myriadcoins algos, mined on GPUs (Mostly AMD)
  • Skein: Mined on GPUs (Mostly nVidia)
  • Qubit: Mined on CPUs

There should never be any consensus-level enforced donation requirement

There had been discussions floating around about what that might look like similar to what Bitcoin Cash were proposing with a mandatory “X must receive Y amount from each block”.

Staking is still not on the table

Despite it being a possibility one day, there’s still a bunch of “unknowns” around it.

Mobile mining is still something a LOT of people want to see in the near future

It’s something that RandomX should allow for as well, mining DigiByte on your cellphone. The idea being that you go to sleep at night, and as it’s charging it’ll bring in a small amount of DigiByte. It’ll never be millions of dollars, but even if it’s a few DigiByte here and there, over time it’ll all add up!

RagerX is a full blown RandomX minining operating system with a companion app you can use to keep track of your miner
Compiling XMRig, just coz I like watching the pretty lines scroll past…



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Josiah Spackman

Josiah Spackman


I write interesting things about cryptocurrency, especially DigiByte