Odocrypt upgrade for Android & iOS apps

The Odocrypt upgrade for DigiByte goes live today, 22nd July (NZ Time) at Block # 9112320.

This will replace Myriad-Groestl as one of the five hashing algorithms with a new inhouse developed “Odocrypt”. This is being done to further ensure the security, decentralization and distribution of the DigiByte blockchain.

Unfortunately during some final testing prior to the “cut over” point, we have found that the Android & iOS apps are doing some additional checks on the blockchain that we had not previously accounted for. These are pure “SPV” implementations, and don’t use any single centralized server for their functionality. As such they check every single block for validity themselves, despite not downloading a complete copy of the blockchain.

The way that the Android & iOS wallets do this is by checking a small fraction of the block known as the “header” against the algorithm that it was mined using. This way the apps can ensure the validity of what they are receiving, to ensure the blockchain hasn’t been tampered with.

We need to push out another update to be 100% compatible with Odocrypt on Android & iOS, unfortunately we don’t believe we will get it out in time for the Odocrypt cut-over point.

The devs are currently working on implementing a code update for Android & iOS as we speak and we will keep the community informed.

What does this mean for you?

Your funds are still safe, nobody can take them!

We want to be 100% clear here that you won’t be losing your existing funds.

If you receive a payment to an address that you have previously generated, or, generate after the Odocrypt upgrade point today, you WILL still receive those funds. However, the Android & iOS wallets won’t show this updated balance.

If you make a payment using the Android & iOS wallets after the Odocrypt upgrade, the recipient will not receive them, the funds will stay in your wallet.

I need to get my funds NOW though?

If you require immediate access to your Android / iOS funds, you can use DigiSweep at https://digisweep.digibyteservers.io

And simply put in the details for your Recovery Phrase, and send it to another wallet such as DigiByte Core Wallet.

So I’m safe then?

Yes, your funds cannot be stolen, ever!

The apps just need to be updated prior to any updated balances showing correctly. This update will be out shortly.

When will the updated version be available?

The developers are working to get this update released immediately. We are requesting an expedited review from Apple in addition to ensure we get this in to the users hands as soon as possible.

The silver lining here is that this will also include the Dandelion++ improvements, as well as the first look at DigiAssets (on Android).

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