On Continuous Integration for DigiByte and the v8 release

Testing the CI with a build “In progress - This check has started…”

Aren’t we working on DigiByte version 8?

Yes. All of this has been done because the DigiByte v8 release is shaping up to be SO massive, that it made sense to ensure we didn’t miss anything inadvertently.

So what’s the plan? When do we get DigiByte version 8?

First, we’re releasing 7.17.3!

  1. Do we implement ProgPoW or RandomX first?
  2. Do we even implement both? Or do we implement one but not another?
  3. Do we implement another algorithm altogether?
  4. Which algo(s) should we replace? SHA256? Or Qubit? Or Skein?
  5. Are we seeking hard-drive mining?
  6. Does Odocrypt need to be tweaked / upgraded?
  7. Or do we not change anything?
  • Caching of block headers / PoW hash for exponentially faster launching (Roughly 500X speed-up)
  • Implementing btree to reduce RAM utilization
  • Syncing prefers “faster” peers that can feed more blocks, concurrency improvements
  • Schnorr Signature implementation + Taproot
  • Emissions curve fixes
  • Additional RPC calls related to MultiAlgo



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Josiah Spackman

Josiah Spackman

I write interesting things about cryptocurrency, especially DigiByte