On-going listing attempts for Binance

It’s no secret that attempts have been made to have DigiByte listed on Binance. I’ve even stated this on Reddit earlier in the year.

It’s also no secret that DigiByte has never paid or included a “fee” to be listed on any of the 4 dozen exchanges we’re listed on right now.

As an open-source decentralized UTXO Blockchain, based off the original technology that powers both Bitcoin and Litecoin, any exchange that supports Bitcoin or Litecoin should have minimal effort to include support for DigiByte.

However, we’ve reached the stage now where members of the DigiByte Foundation, such as myself, have spent a significantly longer amount of time on the application process than it would actually take to implement DigiByte. We’ve applied a total of 4x, twice for the standard application and twice for Community Coin of the Month. We’ve just seen we were unsuccessful in even getting “in the running” for Round 6.

Image for post
Image for post
Application completion page for Community Coin, Round 6. Again though, no DigiByte.

Unfortunately, focusing the on-going application of our very limited time and resources toward pursuing this is not something the DigiByte Foundation is willing to continue with.

We’ve seen the form change every time we’ve submitted it, we’ve given customized answers each time, we’ve filled it in satisfactorily in its entirety, and although on Twitter we’ve seen that Binance have requested DigiByte complete an application form (Which we’ve done), we are yet to see them reciprocate and take action from that.

If Binance decide they want to list DigiByte, they are more than welcome to do-so on their own accord, and we are willing to engage with them and assist them in the off chance they actually need it. As of now, the DigiByte Foundation and it’s members are no longer willing to continue the futility of repeatedly filling in application forms.

We feel our time and efforts are better spent elsewhere.

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