RandomX for CPU mining on DigiByte

RandomX mining (Screenshot for Monero, direct compatibility with DGB RPC being worked on)
  • RandomX implementation, based on DigiByte 8.19.0 branch (which is currently in development)
  • A reset of the Testnet and clean upgrade to test and confirm RandomX compatibility
  • Confirmation of Regtest compatibility (Important for Exchanges / Pools for rapid implementation)
  • Compatibility with existing RandomX miners (Such as XMRig) such that they won’t need any modifications to “play nice” with DigiByte RandomX
    - This is especially important given RandomX was written for Monero, with Monero RPC calls etc and is not immediately compatible with DigiByte and Bitcoin-forked codebases
  • Optimization of RandomX for current generation CPU’s (Ryzen 3XXX series etc)
  • An attempt at confirmation of compatibility with ARM-based mobile-mining

Where to next?

We’re already part-way there with the codebase for RandomX. I want to take up a “collection” to help get this over the line.

RandomX dev wallet

What about ProgPoW though?

It’s still underway!

So, this will be compatible with existing software?

That’s the goal!

Is DigiByte mobile-mining with RandomX possible?

It should be! However that isn’t specifically covered under this immediately.

Is this code available anywhere else to help speed up the implementation process?

Unfortunately not, this would be a first to my knowledge!

If this funding goes ahead, when will this RandomX upgrade be released?

Provided we can quickly get the funds together (Yes, I’m aware, COVID-19 sucks…) we’ll be taking offers of public assistance on testnet this side of Christmas hopefully.

What about blockchain consensus?

Still same as always: You want this, then the miners etc have to signal by upgrading.

Let’s get to it then!

At the end of the day, DigiByte as an open-source protocol can only grow as the community grows.



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I write interesting things about cryptocurrency, especially DigiByte