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Something interesting that came up recently in the discussion between Bitcoin Ben and Laura T was the YouTube channels. They specifically got talking about Crypto Mentor 99 and how he will regularly have on people to interview, who are newly starting a YouTube channel, and also been in the space for a longer time and offer a lot of insight. He runs a good show and is worth checking out.

So it got me thinking: Who do I subscribe to? Both DigiByte-specific channels, and also broader ones that like to talk about DigiByte on the regular?

So, I compiled the following list and put it up on Twitter:

This is by no means all the DigiByte related channels, or all channels that have ever showed some $DGB love, but these are some of the more regular ones I know of. If you know somebody who wants to have a chat with me about DGB, or who you think should also feature on the list, let me know.

Disclaimer: I’ve never received a payment for any interview, nor $ / Crypto from any of these channels, nor is there any cross-promotion. This is simply me trying to help the DigiByte community discover other channels they may find interesting

Here’s the links:

@DigibyteDan does almost daily videos, during his work break, and talks a lot of good off-the-cuff things about DigiByte and crypto in general

@CryptoMentor99 has been on a number of #DigiByte / crypto roadtrips, does some great interviews with people both new / up & coming, as well as older crypto community members

@CryptoCurrentl4 Matt does a lot of regular videos looking more deeper into the fundamentals while explaining the technicals in an easy to understand manner, on both #DigiByte and other crypto projects

@Cryptomuginves1 The brothers from London take you on their raw journey through their crypto investment and like to bring up #DigiByte as a staple. Great light-hearted and very honest videos

@StephenPKendal Stephen is well known for his love & promotion of #DigiByte, his talks, and the DigiByte bus

@stefixy Steffy is currently in the process of organizing the #DigiByte Amsterdam meet-up and is a long-term DigiByte supporter

@DGBSoCal Mike has given a number of DigiByte talks that are entertaining but very informative, as well as having made several DigiByte-related education videos

@AmonUnlimited has done some incredible #DigiByte videos / ads and does some amazing work

@kurtwuckertjr & MJTraderPro do a lot of technical analysis while steering clear of ICOs. Kurt holds the record for longest ‘discussion’ video with me too talking #DigiByte, scaling and more

@stunad620 & @WyckoffOnCrypto do a great combination of fundamentals with Nick regularly talking #DigiByte, and Todd also doing technical analysis

@ChicoCrypto is one of the more recent DigiByte supporters, also standing up for #DigiByte in the face of shady exchanges as he takes a light-hearted but very factual approach to his videos

Had to also give a shout-out to the @crypto_pulse guys. Although it’s not on YouTube, you should check them out and have a listen as #DigiByte regularly comes up as a ‘benchmark’ they talk about to compare other cryptos with

Last but not least, I had to do some not-so-subtle shilling of my own channel. Although I regularly am interviewed and leave it up to the interviewer to put the video on their channel, I do some original-content sporadically that you should check out!

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