Taking a week off DigiByte

I’ve had a busy few weeks, not just with DigiByte, but also personal life supporting my family. Unfortunately my father passed away after a long battle with a string of chronic illnesses.

As the pastor of the local church, and having devoted the last 18 years to helping the community, we take solace in knowing he has gone to a better place. He will be sorely missed, but is no doubt pushing the boundaries in heaven.

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Although incredibly ill, he still managed to make it to my wedding in Nov last year

Anyway, a lot of people have asked over the last 12-odd months for a way to thank me for my contributions to the DigiByte community, but I’ve been pretty staunch at refusing, only caving & accepting once (I promptly donated it all to the Venezuela fund in addition to my own giving though). However, I’d like the chance to ask on behalf of my own family for some help this time.

Being the very selfless man that he was, my father only ever accepted a very modest wage from the church, he gave back so much, and so hasn’t left a lot of material possessions behind. So, I want to ask if anybody in the community would be open to the idea of giving something to my mother, instead of to me, to help her out.

I don’t want anybody to feel obliged, but, for those who have asked if there’s a way they can donate to thank me for my contributions, I’d prefer to pay it forward to my mother instead.

If you are wanting to, you can donate and send a few DGB here: DQeV8t2igB5rhbpcQvyhTJpsq9hgkM5ruB

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Set up a wallet to give to my mother

If it’s not your cup of tea, no dramas, and I really don’t want anyone to feel pressured / obliged to do-so :)

I’ll be back next week after the funeral, though I’m checking in on Telegram / Twitter / Email sporadically throughout the week to ensure the iOS app gets updated (I’ve requested an expedited review by Apple), and a few other little bits and pieces when I’m in need of a bit of a distraction from all that’s going on around me. I’ll also be giving everyone an update on the progress next week we’ve been making with Venezuela and where we’re looking to help out with your donations and generous giving over there :-)

There’s a lot to do in terms of organizing the funeral, adjusting to this new chapter in life, helping my mother & family to deal with the grief, as well as planning for the future with the church. For that reason I’ll be super busy over the next week and so will be laying a bit low compared to usual.

Thanks again for being the most awesome and supportive community out there, even if nobody donates I want to still again say thankyou for all the giving we’ve done, especially to other things like Venezuela!

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