I want to share a bit about something else I’ve been involved with outside of DigiByte, and why I’m keen to call on the DigiByte community to help.

tl;dr is at the bottom.

One of the things that my church began to do a little before my father passed away last year was to specifically focus more on our local community. We had always been attentive to the needs of our community, however we have so many opportunities to help simply by being “available”, and we wanted to do more to build up our community and to directly help those in-need throughout a variety of circumstances. For example, last winter we were able to open the building up for people in the community to come and cook their meals in, or even charge their phones and use our WiFi for free, when there was a major storm that knocked out power to a significant portion of our community.

Same goes for the recent Christchurch shootings, we were able to open our doors for people who were unable to attend their own mosques, for their prayer / salat.

However one of the things we’ve been doing is a “ Pātaka Kai”, which is Te Reo Maori for “community pantry”. The idea being people from the community can come and take if they are in need, or going to otherwise go without, while others who have a surplus can leave something for others.

It’s been going now for approx 8 weeks and it has already had a pretty positive impact on our community. I’ve had the opportunity to briefly speak with some people about their circumstances, and they’ve all be genuine. Interestingly enough, even those who are going without are very cautious about taking ‘too much’, they’re acutely aware that there are others out there like themselves and they want to ensure the love is spread around as much as possible.

I’ve recently reached out to some local businesses about sponsoring food for this, and have begun to get some traction there, however I want to use the opportunity I have with the DigiByte community to further this in my local community.

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Two church members standing in front of our Pātaka Kai

While our church is only rather small in number, we manage to fill it up most Sundays. What I’m keen to do is to fundraise a little from the DigiByte community that I can use to ensure it’s topped up, and to potentially give some food-baskets to those in our community who we know of that are really struggling to make ends meet.

Selfishly too, it will also be a great conversation starter to talk about DigiByte locally as well, as I look to start doing some “Introduction to blockchain” talks at the local community center.

Anyway, I would like to do some fundraising, so here’s what I want to do:

If we can raise 40,000 DigiByte (Approx USD$500) then I’ll get a DigiByte tattoo this weekend. My wife was already heading to our artist to get some work done so I thought I could potentially get one right before she does.

If we can raise 80,000 DigiByte (Approx USD$1,000) then I’ll do it, but I’ll also livestream me getting the DigiByte tattoo (Approx ~1PM this Saturday NZST, which is around 4PM PST on Friday).

Please be assured the funds raised will be used all soley for food for the Pātaka Kai, in it’s entirety. I’ll pay for the ink, completely myself.

No doubt it’ll be a bit of fun, given I’m pretty squeemish and don’t like needles, or pain, but that won’t stop me. The livestreaming of course is going to depend a bit on the quality of the 4G internet this Saturday at the place where I usually go to, but for the most part I’m confident I’ll be able to do it live without too much hassle.

I thought this could be a bit of fun with DigiByte, and a great way to help my local community out at the same time.

I’ve created an address for this effort:


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And I’ve also kicked it off with the first 400 DigiByte.

Even if we don’t quite reach that, I’ll still be putting all the funds raised, 100% directly towards putting food into the Pātaka Kai and helping my local community.

tl;dr I want to fundraise to help my local community, and will get a DigiByte tattoo (Paid for myself) if we can raise $1,000

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