Announcing the DigiByte “Bounty Fund”

Announcing the DigiByte Bounty Fund! With thanks to for the image
  • 1) Sync / Rescan issue
    There’s porting needed from Bitcoin code in BRPeerManager.c to make it work with DigiByte and fix the communication with peers during the BRPeerManagerRescan() function calls
  • 2) Update the iOS Swift Application to support the latest version of the SPV core that Android is using

So how can you donate?

We’ve setup a wallet for donations to the Bounty Fund here: 3CmhvoyjYkhKWYQLjrpwKbEoWtkiW9cWwX

How is this all going to work?

First, we list the Bounties as we are now. Then, we get people from the community to contact us if they’re interested in fulfilling these code-bounties, and we will provided them the specifics. Once the code is submitted to GitHub, we will have our existing developers review and confirm they’re happy with the merge, before we send the DigiByte on.

Am I qualified to contribute?

We hope so! Here’s some skills you’ll need:

  • A very solid history of C / C++ coding
  • Bitcoin Core experience
  • Android or iOS development experience (iOS specifically for Bounty #2)

How do we know you won’t run off with the DigiByte, and that you’ll pay the bounties?

This will require a certain level of trust, though we would like to think we’ve been trustworthy thus far. This is why it’s being handled by public figures from the Foundation.

Will there be more bounties later?

Possibly! We are starting with these two, and once they’re done we have two more we will seek help from. We’ll post more about those later on though.

Why have you said 80–100k DGB bounty, but want to raise 400k?

The final amount we give for each bounty will be approximately that amount. If it turns out one job doesn’t take very long at all, we may look at offering slightly less, or if the code quality isn’t quite up to standard.

Whats happening with the PR Agency though? We’ve donated before!

We are so grateful for that too, and we expect to have more news real soon about what’s been happening on that front.

What comes next? What about the 3rd and 4th bounties?

We’ll reveal more about those shortly, these will be the core focus now needed to get the wallets shipped. Our 3rd & 4th are more “nice to haves”.



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