The mega Developer Bounty for 2018!

That’s right, hot on the success of the last round of Developer bounties, and the subsequent submission of the Android & iOS apps to their respective App Stores, we’re going even bigger and better than before!

This time I’ve got a list of 11 great projects / upgrades / improvements that I think we should prioritize the development of, and the DigiByte Foundation is now putting up these bounties from the Dev Fund.

Note: To date, no money has been taken from this Dev Fund since the wallets creation in late 2017. The DigiByte Foundations sole focus is now around supporting developers and improving the DigiByte ecosystem, as detailed on the DigiByte website:

The DigiByte Foundation is an unincorporated, worldwide, decentralized community of developers dedicated to supporting DigiByte blockchain technical development initiatives.

We warmly welcome and encourage any new / outside development input who might want to claim these bounties! Jump on our Developer Telegram channel and introduce yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: Get in touch with us first to find out about all the specifics before you begin any work, so we can ensure there’s no double-ups of effort etc

Let’s dive right in to what we these Developer Bounties are for!

Bounty #1 — Mobile QR Scanning

Bounty: 10,000 DGB for Android / iOS each, 20k total

Make QR Codes able to be chosen from screenshots in the Android / iOS Gallery. This could behave similar to how Snapchat is able to “scan” a picture of a QR code.

This one will likely go to some of our existing devs who have been working on Android & iOS. It’s been fantastic seeing the release of both these wallets over the past month and I think this would be a great minor improvement. It shouldn’t be too much work and the bounty will be split between Android & iOS.

Bounty #2 — Trezor support

Bounty: 20,000 DGB

The initial Trezor support code was recently submitted to Blockbook and it just needs a little further tidying up, testing, and a demo server spun up for them to test with.

It isn’t expected this will take long, however we’d like to see this through to completion and have somebody manage the final steps here.

Bounty #3 — Colored Coins

Bounty: 150,000 DGB

We’ve had initial support for Colored Coins done by one of our core developers, W B, but we want to finalize this, and the bounty will require a bit of work bringing it over to the core DigiByte protocol.

Colored Coins allows for easier building of “Layer 2" solutions on top of DigiByte, such as Dapps, ICOs and more.

There is a software development kit that already exists for Colored Coins, that will assist developers with building their applications faster than if they were to manually attempt to.

There’s also a Dashboard as part of this which will need to be migrated, which allows users to issue, transfer, and manage Digital Assets with the click of a button.

Bounty #4 — DigiStats

Bounty: 70,000 DGB

Many other blockchains have several types of “statistics” pages, I’d like to see something similar for DigiByte that shows a bunch of curious stats / graphs, such as:

  • Difficulty per-algo

Ideally DigiStats could be a package that is independent and interfaces directly with digibyted, however I can see there being merit in building an application on top of the BitPay Insight APIs to expedite it.

This could likely be done by a proficient web developer over the course of a week in their evenings. However, the longer time spent doing something like this, the more refined it could be, the prettier it could look.

Bounty #5 — Address book for Mobile

Bounty: 15,000 DGB for Android / iOS each, total 30k DGB

A nice and easy way to bookmark / save addresses into your mobile apps.

Save addresses from your mother, spouse, or your mate who’s always bringing you over a box of beer, to allow for easier repayments to a user.

This will also be needed for the following Bounty:

Bounty #6 — Repeating / scheduled mobile payments

Bounty: 35,000 DGB for Android / iOS each, total 70k DGB

Similar to how you can schedule a repeating / automatic payment with your bank, I’d like to see this brought to the Android & iOS apps specifically.

The idea being you can create / cancel a reoccurring payment to an address, useful for if you are paying rent etc on a weekly basis using DigiByte.

It may have to “prompt” users to scan their fingerprint each time to authorize the payment, the app cannot run 24/7, but there are multiple ways we can do this and so some discussion with the Android / iOS developers who fulfill this will be needed to decide on the best way forward.

Bounty #7 — Support for bech32 & SegWit generation on Mobile

Bounty: 40,000 DGB for SPV Core & 15,000 for Android / iOS each, total 70k DGB

I’d like to see our new “dgb1" and “S” prefixed addresses able to be generated from Android and iOS apps. This is likely going to require the work to be done in the SPV Core to support it mostly, with additional tweaks / implementation on the respective applications.

Bounty #8 — Broadcast Memo (optionally)

Bounty: 15,000 for Android / iOS each, 30K DGB total

Right now the Memo feature in the Android & iOS wallet is only kept locally. It’s never transmitted to the destination, or to the blockchain.

I’d like to see this able to be sent to the destination address, saved on the blockchain for a nominal extra fee for all eternity, but that way the destination can see your comment, such as “Thanks for pizza”.

Bounty #9 — wallet recovery tools

Bounty: 15,000 DGB

At the moment, DigiByte Go and the Android / iOS applications are not directly compatible, same goes for the Core Wallet for PC.

Matthew from our Telegram channels has been actively working on a solution for some time now that will be a “one stop shop" for key recovery, which is open-source. I would like to see us as a community raise some further funds with two goals in mind:

  • Allowing him time to polish it further and package it as an executable that can be downloaded to a users PC and run by somebody with minimal knowledge

Bounty #10 — Core Wallet UI redesign

Bounty: 35,000 DGB for the design, 125,000 DGB for the implementation, 160K total

Hot on the heels of our bounty for the UI redesign for the Android & iOS apps, we want a totally fresh lick of paint for the Core PC wallet!

Although we included some light / dark themes in the 6.16.2 release, we want to take this even further and really refresh the entire UI!

I want us to be able to hire Damir to go through and draw up designs from top to toe as he did with the Mobile apps, and then in addition I want for us to have the funds for somebody to be able to give for a Bounty to implement those designs!

Bounty #11 — FIDO2 Certification

Bounty: 40,000 DGB

Digi-ID fulfills the requirements for FIDO certification, which also will then include WebAuthn certification. We need somebody who can champion the application process and see it through to completion.

Going forward

I’m sure that there will be additional bounties that we are able to offer to both the community and to our Developers going forward, however this is probably a really good starting point for us.

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