Voting: DigiByte Wallet UI revamp

It’s time to vote!

This is for the up-coming revamp of the DigiByte Android & iOS wallets. Please note this won’t be included in the initial release, as it’s going to require coding (Which we’ll ask for help with later if you’re a developer).

We’re going split the voting up in to an initial set of 4 voting rounds, run concurrently over 5 days. After this, we’ll give another 5 days for people to vote for their absolute favorite, who will be crowned the winner.

The submissions have been randomly shuffled around in to the following groups:

Image for post
Image for post

Youll note that there’s 4 in the final group due to an odd number of submissions (13 total).

So for Round #1, we’ll do a total of 4x tweets initially, to vote in for this first round, one tweet for the red submissions, one for the green, one for the blue, and one for the black. You choose which you like the best from each group!

After the 5 days has finished, we’ll do another tweet with the 4x winners, for Round #2, for you to vote on the overall winner.

Here’s some quick links for you, for Round #1:

Group 1 — Red

Link to Tweet to vote in: Group 1 — Red




Group 2 — Green

Link to Tweet to vote in: Group 2 — Green



Fafla Faf:

Group 3 — Blue

Link to Tweet to vote in: Group 3 — Blue




Group 4 — Black

Link to Tweet to vote in: Group 4 — Black





Now a few general house-keeping matters:


1st place — 11,000 DigiByte
2nd place — 4,000 DigiByte
3rd place — 3,000 DigiByte
4th place — 2,000 DigiByte

Why Twitter?

Simplicity, it was easiest to use to manage the votes with.

When will the winner be announced?

We’ll do a follow-up post afterwards, but everybody will be able to see the results on Twitter.

When will the new UI be added into the wallet?

Well, ASAP, however it’s going to take a while to get through it all for both wallets, so it’ll happen just as soon as it’s ready, and not a moment earlier.

Will it be a perfect clone of the winner?

Probably not. We’re going to slightly customize for Android and iOS on each OS’s native styling, but at the same time we want to try and be true to the winners theme.

However, there are things Android does with its material design, and iOS with it’s own guidelines, so we’ll also keep those in mind as we come out with the final version.

How long until the initial wallet build is out?

Not too long. The Apple TestFlight has been going incredibly well and the Android version is coming along nicely now that we’ve got the two major bugs out of the way. This was done as a result of the Bug Bounties #1 and #2 being completed, which is fantastic to see!

Again, just to reiterate that the initial build likely won’t have this revamped UI, as there’s too much involved and we want to get the wallets out and in to the hands of the general population ASAP!

Thankyou again for all of your support. We’re excited to see how the voting pans out and which one you like the most!

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