What kind of community do we want DigiByte to be?

We have an opportunity as a rapidly growing blockchain to really define how we want to be known, and how we want to be seen by the world!

In the last few weeks we’ve seen DigiByte climb from approx #50 on CoinMarketCap to #35 at the time of writing:

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We were #34 a couple of hours ago but Steem has just edged back in front

As a result of this, there are plenty of new people to the DigiByte scene.

Now before we continue, let me be perfectly clear:

DigiByte is a decentralized blockchain, and nobody has to (nor should they) answer to me, or Jared Tate, or the DGBAT, or the Foundation etc

Part of the beauty of DigiByte is that we aren’t a centrally controlled cryptocurrency that requires users behave in a certain way, use the blockchain in a specific manner, or where you have to ask for permission.

owever, we have a fantastic opportunity before us!

As the community grows, there’s a large number of us who are already here, who can make a bunch of noise and really set some standards for both ourselves and for newcomers. Naturally we can’t force anybody to adhere to these community standards, but we can show people that we don’t condone it.

We can be known as the community that doesn’t get angry when people ask the same question over and over, like “When Binance?”.

We can be known as the community that is welcoming of newcomers, both crypto newbies and gurus.

We don’t have to be known as a community who gets upset when another coin is mentioned.

We can be known as the community who is accepting of other blockchains and the place that they have filling a niche that DigiByte might not.

We can be known being understanding that this isn’t a winner-takes-all game and there’s plenty of crypto-pie to go around.

We can be known as a community who understands the technical aspects as well as the implications of decentralization, that make DigiByte so amazing compared to other centralized blockchains.

We can be known as those who are always willing to politely explain things, even if the other person doesn’t specifically deserve a polite response.

Now this last one is something I struggle with myself, so please don’t think this is me on a soapbox. However, the amount of outright aggression I’ve seen online in the last few weeks is pretty toxic. I’m disappointed both in the way I’ve handled some things but also very much with the way a bunch of the community have handled themselves too.

So I want to put it to the DigiByte community:

Will you strive to be better?

Can we build a community that’s known for being warm, and welcoming?

Can we build a community that leaves people new to crypto with a great experience?

Can we build a community that is the envy of other communities because of the high standard we hold ourselves to?

Let’s make this happen, let’s be better!

I write interesting things about cryptocurrency, especially DigiByte

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