Why Ethereum should use DigiByte

A brief DigiByte history

In case this is the first anybody has heard of DigiByte, here’s a short summary of DigiByte.

A response to the summary

As a truly permissionless blockchain, there is nothing preventing anybody from using DigiByte, and as such Ethereum could implement the proposal on DigiByte at any time.

  • High data throughput (32 MB per 600 sec = 53333 bytes per sec, compared to ethereum ~8kb per sec which is already being used by applications)
  • Very low fees (whereas BTC would be prohibitively expensive)
  • We already have all the machinery we need to verify Bitcoin Cash blocks inside of ethereum thanks to http://btcrelay.org/ 52 ; we just need to repoint it to the BCH chain and turn it back on. Verifying BCH blocks is also quite cheap compared to eg. ETC blocks
  • The BCH community seems to be friendly to people using their chain for whatever they want as long as they pay the tx fees (eg. https://memo.cash 43)
  • Higher data throughput (1MB blocks every 15 seconds = 66,666 bytes per sec) with planned block-size increases into the future
  • Even lower fees (Due to higher supply count, 1 dSat is worth less than one Bitcoin Cash Sat)
  • The btcrelay would easily be able to be migrated to DigiByte instead of Bitcoin Cash
  • The DigiByte community embraces the use as a permissionless blockchain, for any use, be it as a currency, document validation through V-ID, DigiAssets, again as long as the tx-fees are paid.



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Josiah Spackman

Josiah Spackman


I write interesting things about cryptocurrency, especially DigiByte