DigiByte accomplishments over the last 3 years

DigiByte Infopaper (like a whitepaper, but not)

Back in November 2019 I began to write the DigiByte Infopaper. I finished writing most of it over a few days between Christmas / New Years. Jared got wind, asked me to stop, until he’d released his book which he wanted to base the infopaper off.

Over 500 videos / interviews

I want to start by thanking all those who followed me on YouTube:

CreateDigiAssets, DigiAssetDividends & DGBData

When DigiAssets were announced at the DigiByte Summit, they were still unable to be issued by the general populace.

CreateDigiAssets, SUPER simple

Bounties for mobile SPV wallet

This was how we found Yoshi, with him claiming some bounties for fixing the SPV sync issues (where it was stalling previously). He also updated the iOS wallet for us too in many ways, and later began doing a lot of work on Core too.

Mobile UI redesign contest

We had a HUGE turnout of people submitting designs for Android & iOS wallets. It was absolutely fantastic, and we were able to do a “knock-out” voting style. The bounties raised were all distributed to the winner + runner-ups and the mobile apps got a great UI overhaul as a result that made it really stand out.


I wrote a list of over 70 easily shareable “facts” about DigiByte that would encourage others to start sharing details on social media etc

iOS App Store listing

One of the main struggles was we got the Android app submitted to the Google Play store, but despite GTO90’s best efforts he’d been unable to get the iOS app accepted. I had to create a business here in New Zealand specifically for this! I then registered it with the New Zealand Companies Office, obtained a DUNS and more… then after a bit of back and forth arguing with Apple, I finally got the iOS app listed on the App Store as a result!

Binance listing

Ever since early 2018, I was submitting listing requests for Binance. These are no small feat, they’re massive listing requests, often 30-odd pages in length. As the listing requirements changed, each time I would fill it out again. 5x in total in fact!

Digi-ID front & center

One of the things I pushed for in 2018 was for Digi-ID to be brought into the spotlight as it was basically invisible in the apps.

Translations in mobile

Although this was something I was pushing, and setup / got started with POEditor, a lot of other people were actually involved. Hundreds of people in fact.

Donations to David Hay / Venezuela

We managed to raise several thousand US dollars which was amazing, and we gave thousands of bottles of water to the red cross who distributed it to people crossing the border.

Video that David Hay made about the funds being distributed

Proposal for DigiBytes use as a currency

One things not many are familiar with was the proposal to use DigiByte as a currency, specifically for use in Venezuela, as part of an initiative that David Haye was attempting to get off the ground. I wrote this document and then had Damir spice it up, as well as some help from others translating it:

DigiByte Wiki

2018 saw me start off the DigiByte Wiki! We needed somewhere to point people to that wasn’t centrally controlled by just one or two people, that we could spread the load with (say for updating pool details or exchange information), and so the wiki was born.

Further help in Venezuela

We did so much to help, I can’t list it all, but everything from more fundraising to help a school, providing tablets to children to learn English and Spanish, along with resources like tablets, scissors, chairs, pens and more:

More fundraising / development goals + Trezor support

There was 10 development initiatives setup, most of those were claimed too. This was for everything from an initial Stats site (mctrivia), through to wallet recovery tools (also mctrivias DigiSweep), and Trezor support. I worked closely with the Trezor team to get that support across the line (it took SO long to do the sync initially during testing but we got there).

Running DigiExplorer + Testnet Explorer

A few old hands who’ve been around will remember how badly the DigiExplorer server was maintained previously, with consistent issues such as crashing entirely, not being fully syncd… I took over running the servers in 2020 and we had zero downtime for over 12 months! A far cry from the fortnightly issues of days prior when Jared was maintaining it.

Multiple DigiByte Core releases

Throughout 2018 we had a number of releases that I was directly involved with helping test, get shipped out the door, bugfix, contact exchanges / pools / wallets (alongside others previously noted in my last Medium post). That in and of itself was quite the accomplishment.

Odocrypt & Dandelion

This was one of the biggest time-consumers throughout 2019, getting that all ready. MentalCollatz and I did SO much work together testing, resetting the testnet, but he’s definitely the brains behind the code. Same goes for Yoshi and the Dandelion implementation that he and I spent countless hours bugfixing.

What is DigiByte / Digi-ID videos

Aside from having done over 500 videos in the course of 2.5 years, some of my favorites were the creation of the “What is DigiByte” and “What is Digi-ID” videos:

Coinbase listing attempts

Throughout 2018 / 2019 I was the primary author of a document here that ended getting us to the “shortlist” for a Coinbase listing.

Decentralization metrics

There were a number of articles throughout 2019 / 2020 around the decentralization metrics of DigiByte, from the unique miners, to block-time accuracy, I documented a whole bunch of things that I know have been read / referenced countless times by the community.


The DigiStats server shows off historical information about the DigiByte blockchain in a beautiful format. It has several years worth of data now graphed that you can utilize, as it pulls it from my personal node.


Championing ProgPoW / RandomX

This has literally been 2 years in the making (since Odocrypt was implemented on Mainnet), and while ProgPoW / RandomX never got to completion prior to my departure (Thanks Jared…) it was great to be able to do so much and represent the community and the communities desires for a stronger, more secure, decentralized blockchain, with a broader participation of miners.

That’s not all…

But it’s not a small list nonetheless. A lot of it has been shortened for brievity, but there’s still a lot in there.



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