DigiByte accomplishments over the last 3 years

Talking with my wife, and she made a suggestion: Why not finish your time with DigiByte with more of a “celebration” of what you’ve done?

So, that’s what this is, a bit of a look at some of the main things I’ve been involved with, directly pushing forward or making happen.

It’s also a great opportunity to look back over the last 3 years and see just how far DigiByte has come! So that’s what this is, an ode to success, if you will! 🙂 It’s not a complete list of all the contributions I’ve made, but it’s something!

DigiByte Infopaper (like a whitepaper, but not)

12 months later and he was still nowhere to be seen and the finish of his book nowhere in-sight, so I tidied it up with the help of a few friends, and Nigel / Demi spruced up the look of it giving us what we have today.

This is hosted on the DigiByte website:

And it’s a fantastic introduction for people into DigiByte, along with an abbreviated history, and a look into the future.

Over 500 videos / interviews

Although not all that I participated in ended up on my own channel (A good number, at least one a week, were me being a guest speaker on others channels talking about DigiByte), I started a DigiByte-related podcast, did over 250 update videos, and was interviewed countless times. All up totalling over 500 across the last couple of years. What started as a friend simply suggesting I step up and fill the void in 2019 became a near daily occurrence keeping people updated with what was going on.

CreateDigiAssets, DigiAssetDividends & DGBData

Gary (DigiContributor, not to be confused with Barry) had issued the first assets that were used there with DigiVault that he was working on, an application which tied directly in to the Core Wallet. That was never finalized and released properly and wouldn’t sync right. Then, support was partially added to DigiByte Go, but that was never finalized either and the DigiByte Go wallet ended up being abandoned.

CreateDigiAssets, SUPER simple

So we’d been told “Here’s DigiAssets, it’s amazing, go use it”, but there was no way for normal people to actually use it and issue assets.

So I took a small bank loan and paid a developer privately to make the CreateDigiAssets.com website, which allows people to easily issue assets NFTs on top of DigiByte (for a small ~$5 fee which goes back towards paying off that loan).

It’s grown a bit since, we’ve added animated images, and video support too (Also to the mobile wallets as a result of this website), but this was something that was a HUGE hole in the DigiByte ecosystem that needed filling.

I also paid someone privately to create the DigiAssetDividends.com website which allows people to issue dividends to DigiAsset holders in a fast and easy manner. Again another huge hole in the DigiAsset ecosystem.

Lastly I also personally funded the creation of the DGBData.me website to allow people to store a hash on the blockchain quickly and easily. It’s a very simple manner of confirming a document has not been tampered with, since X time etc and works really well.

Bounties for mobile SPV wallet

I fundraised / crowd sourced when nobody else would (I don’t believe anybody outside of the DGBAT overall have done crowdsourcing / raises in the last few years). We posted some bounties to help get a few showstoppers finished + fixed, and it’s why we have the apps today.

Mobile UI redesign contest

The winner, Damir, would go on to help with Digi-ID logo / website, some demonstration icons for use with DigiAssets, the DigiAssets logo, and was involved to begin with in the new logo proposal that spiral later would make for DigiByte.

Thanks again to Yoshi and Noah for the implementation of the UI redesign.


Then I asked a friend through Telegram to create nice images from these facts (see more at https://github.com/digibyte-core/digifacts):

Fun fact, one of them originally said we were early adopters of the ProgPoW algorithm because work was underway with it, but that was replaced before being shared on social media due to it being torpedoed by the Founder. You can still see it in the GitHub history.

Update: As of October 2021 these are now all being re-shared for a second time by DigiByteCoin on Twitter, just without the images (so they’re less effective at grabbing attention)?

iOS App Store listing

Binance listing

I can’t claim sole responsibility for this though, as we still don’t know specifically why Binance listed DigiByte, but DigiByte was finally listed in 2020 a couple of weeks after Jared made an announcement he was not going to be involved with the DigiByte project.

Digi-ID front & center

Now, the Android & iOS apps have Digi-ID front-and-center, and we had a few plugins created for things like Wordpress, WHMCS etc.

I’ve also authored the Digi-ID.io website with Damir, to help introduce people to Digi-ID. Another great success!

Translations in mobile

But, this was something I was passionate about us having, along with Rutger, Murat, Nigel and especially Glenn, we now have DigiByte in 50+ languages covering close to 99% of the worlds population!

Huge shout-out to those gentlemen for all their massive effort involved.

Donations to David Hay / Venezuela

Video that David Hay made about the funds being distributed

We also provided food to feed 160 children in an orphanage for an entire month. This still warms my heart seeing this video, I wish we could have done more.

Proposal for DigiBytes use as a currency

If you haven’t looked it over I’d highly recommend it. It’s old but it’s aged relatively well and has a lot of still key points.

DigiByte Wiki

While I’m not alone in contributions, this is something I still host, and helped with a lot of the article creation.

Big thanks to Nigel & Murat especially who’ve also done so much to keep it updated.

Further help in Venezuela

More fundraising / development goals + Trezor support

Trezors Blockbook is what’s currently running on DigiExplorer & the Testnet Explorer, which brings me to the next item:

Running DigiExplorer + Testnet Explorer

Often times it could be a week or more of it being offline, before Jared could be reached back in the day (an early foreboding) and then get DigiExplorer subsequently restarted /brought back to life. The server costs were astronomical too, with it reaching over USD$1,000 a month at times.

We had our first fault with DigiExplorer while under my control, in the 2nd quarter of 2021, where it crashed and needed resyncing. We then had another issue a month later so the Insight server was replaced with Blockbook (due to Jared and DigiContributor being otherwise unavailable / unresponsive), and again it’s been solid since.

I also then started up a Testnet Explorer to help with exchanges integrating DigiByte, and I have also run the primary (and at many times sole) Testnet node, Testnet-1.us.digibyteservers.io

Side note: more Testnet nodes would be great

It’s all running beautifully now, and I’m quite proud that we went from a couple of issues a month when I wasn’t looking after it, to one in a year on the server. All of this while shaving the server-costs down to around 10% of what they were, meanwhile the utilization is over 10X more than what it was at it’s previous peak. Roughly a 100X improvement, all while being more stable!

Multiple DigiByte Core releases

For example, the reason that DigiByte was the first altcoin outside of Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash (whos’ developers alerted BTC to the issue) was because I jumped on the issue immediately, provided the one line of code that needed fixing (brough from BTC) to DigiContributor, and he merged it. He and I tested it and rapidly got it released before any other Altcoin (I think we actually only got it out before LTC by a little under an hour).

Following this, and other releases, would require COUNTLESS hours with contacting Exchanges, Mining Pools, Service providers and the likes, to ensure that they all updated. Especially where we had the likes of the CVE-2018–17144, we needed mining pools to update and FAST.

Preparation for Odocrypt with the reservebits softfork happened, as well as:

Odocrypt & Dandelion

I also spent considerable time working with other 3rd parties to ensure Odocrypt would be supported out of the gate, and it’s great to see the success that Odocrypt has been. I was also working with mctrivia, barrystyle, and the BlackMiner team, on an update for this throughout the end of 2020 / early 2021, which would further allay any fears that it is being ASIC mined.

As of June 2021, the latest mining pool that began to mine, was using BlackMiner F1 FPGA’s, and they were finding ~20% of all Odocrypt blocks, so it still seems to be FPGA-mined.

What is DigiByte / Digi-ID videos

I wrote the scripts for the videos, had the audio professionally recorded by a radio DJ, and even paid for a large chunk of the animations directly myself too.

There were a number of other videos done where AmonUnlimited did the animations for, that I wrote all of the scripts for too. These videos have had hundreds of thousands of views across the various platforms and are great introductions to key aspects of DigiByte.

Coinbase listing attempts

It took countless hours to write the several dozen pages and have it authored to all look nice. I know that it was even printed, bound, and physically handed to several Coinbase employees back in the day.

I have to wonder if their reasonings for not listing DigiByte are either security-related or founder-related (like Binances was) at this stage?

Decentralization metrics

Unfortunately as those metrics are declining, I’ve “raised the alarm" and attempted to do things to improve them, such as bringing back CPU / GPU mining. Sadly these have been stifled and stonewalled, by Jared primarily.



Championing ProgPoW / RandomX

Somebody had to be there, pushing things along, and big shout-out to Barrystyle for all his hard work on getting that implemented. I hope one day the old-guard see your code for what it’s worth and stop stonewalling the progress over trivial and irrelevant matters.

That’s not all…

It disappoints me gravely for people to so blindly follow a single individual who hasn’t been around, and does nothing but post hate-filled messages and conspiracy theories. Like lemmings being led off a hill.

Still, I can hold my head high with all of these massive accomplishments over the last 3 years with my involvement, and I wish DigiByte all the best for the future. I just hope Jared gets out of the way so the project can finally thrive.

To those who remain, I wish you all the best of luck. To the friends I’ve made along the way, I’ll truly miss you.

To those who’ve written me kind words on Twitter or in the YouTube comments: Thankyou! I’ve appreciated every single one of them.



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